Posterus-Event, Posterus 360 and Posterus- Marketing have been producing new and visionary events and high quality marketing.

Bringing opportunities for causes, exclusive designers, art, industries, companies, journalists, partners and sponsors on a worldwide scale.

Posterus-Event encompasses multiple unique and ambitious events planned for 2017-2018, within Monaco, Cannes, Miami, Belgium,

The Nederland’s, Dubai, etc. Unique Locations with a high value of economic and future minded vision.

Posterus-Event's events and marketing, garner worldwide attention and are exposed via all forms of media. Posterus-Event and Posterus360 also garner

large-scale audience and accommodate a  wide range of visitors, buyers and spectators.  Posterus360 therefore offers to our partners,

sponsors exclusive package with high end branding opportunities on a international scale.

Interested to become our next partner?

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With Imagicasa Magazine we bring out everything about the quality of living in the broadest sense of the word in a distinctive and unique way. The magazine informs, inspires and focuses on both the national and international (residential) market

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Posterus-Magazine,a magazine and as well exhibitor catalogue.Designers and industries of numerous fields, yachting, aerospace tech, architecture, art, automotive and much more.   

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A newspaper promoting innovating minds in design and visionary ideas. Yacht, aerospace, architecture, Art, automotive, etc. Digital and Physical availible, as well  distributed at top locations, among high societies, industries, etc.

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DAMA a brand promoting woman, owns DAMA tiquila, Dama Productions, DAMA Life

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Alan Landry, known as the voice of Monaco. Preformer, singer and event orginizer.

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Posterus-Event organizes exclusive events, digital and physical annual events. This with extraordinary vision, design and luxury. Events organized within high society markets and at top locations. Posterus-Event gains new opportunities for the future. This by

connecting international business relations, visionary ideas and creating exclusive concepts.Offering international promotion in all skills as, digital marketing, social media marketing PR, physical marketing and much more.

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Posterus-Marketing offers a wide range of digital marketing, IT-services, event promotion, webdesign large fair promotion and graphic design. All this with an expertise on a big international market. Design and publishing online/physical magazines in fine art, design, industries, newspapers and brochures, social media, gaining real leads and traffic. If you want to promote your business, new or existing, promote a label, brand, event, etc. Posterus-Marketing is the way to get your marketing inmotion.

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Event and trade fair organization at Chania Crete

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Real Estate & development company located at Chania Crete

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