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Our new integration within Posterus-Event and Posterus-Marketing will be ground breaking. Together with  architects, designers and software developers, Posterus-Event will bring the real future. Posterus360's  Virtual Fair is a complete digital full HD 3D exhibition and  trade fair complex. The architectural design contains real buildings with the highest quality, as well as futuristic classic parts, harbor for Yacht designers, aerospace and automotive spaces. The buildings  can be placed in any city or country, giving as well a full 360 view of the surrounding locations. That way all the participants will have the  opportunity of a worldwide exhibition. Where each building offers 8 halls of 5000m², harbor for 150+ yachts with a total of 60 000m² exhibition space.

Posterus Marketing will digitally promote the event over millions of locally and international enthusiasts. This, with our own server, our own newspaper and magazine, including the physical marketing that is similar to a physical event or trade fair. The events and fairs will last approximately 7days, open  24hours, 7x7 and free accessible to all public. Physical events and well established trade fairs can give a visitor reach of +-50 000 people. Now because of our combinations of marketing and digitalization there will be a possible reach of +-4.000.000 people for each event. The statistics expectations could go much higher, thanks to the free entrance.  This access can be provided worldwide by sharing the app through social media, e-marketing, email, etc.

We will have accessibility from all digital devices, smart phones, tablets, pc, notebook, etc. as well as exclusive access at our physical V.I.P events and partner locations. HD interactive TV, High Virtual reality glasses and control at Physical locations for the best view of the fair. Our software developers have designed  a full interactive communication system as well.

This way we give a wide range of communication capabilities between visitor, participants and the trade fair team. We integrate for each booths and participant a direct sale of your product system, with credit card, etc. Communication with the sales person of the booth and company also includes full access of the company catalogues, business detail, etc.

Our trade fair teams will also give the opportunity to arrange physical meeting if  this is desired by visitors or participants. (Physical viewing) Despite of  the full HD and 360 view we also offer participants and companies the opportunity to capture and scan their desired exhibited products at their own location. This with our own equipment, to guarantee the best presentation's quality which will give the visitor the most realistic impression of the viewing exhibited work and will gain you direct sales on sight

Participants, partners, sponsors gain as well exclusive promotion through our Magazine and exhibitor catalogue, Posterus-Magazine. As well through our newspaper The Posterus Times. Both are distributed digitally and are available free to all readers..

Our sponsors, partners gain as well exclusive involvement. Partner booth, visual video presentations,

inclusions in all outgoing promotions and much more.

For all information, submission, etc. contact us at info[at]posterus360.com

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