At our Monaco location we offer at our main building 8 halls, starting from 3000 m² until halls of 5000 m²,

giving a total available exhibition space of +- 60 000 m². Including as well available 8 halls, Moon -Mars with each hall of a 4500 m² and

a total exhibition space of +- 40 000 m². Our harbor can provide exhibition space for boat and yacht shows up to 150+ boats and super yachts.


Additionally we offer exclusively exhibition space, as well VIP opening events at several physical locations.

We can provide you with all the necessary services as, digital marketing, PR, exhibitor catalogues, VIP nights, Physical event services, catering, Booth design,

Floor plan design and much more. All provided by Posterus-Event, Posterus-Marketing and other of our partners.


If you are interested in organizing your trade fair at Monaco, we will be pleased to send you all the necessary detail, availability of halls,

services and work together with you to make you a successful international trade show.




Upcoming Events & Trade fairs



VIFAF and Posterus360 will launch this year, 2018 with several announcing and introduction events. This taking place at Monaco the MCCC, (Monte Carlo Country club) the end of September, later on this year New York and at the beginning of 2019 as well at Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, etc. In this announcing events the full demo of Posterus360 and VIFAF we will presented. Presenting all the possibilities with our Posterus360 platform and virtual trade fairs.

More info can be found in the VIFAF brochure or press release, as well at the fair website.



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